At Monocle Eye Care you will be given a comprehensive eye examination by optometrist Helena Brodin, in a calm manner where time is given to fully assess the eye and given explanations and advice accordingly. Each examination lasts about 45 minutes.

Apart from assessing your vision we will screen for conditions such as cataract, dry eyes, glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration.

Helena will perform all tests and there will be no separate screening by a separate individual.

Retinal photographs are taken using the Crystalview camera which is used extensively in research and clinical trials. These photos show very detailed images of the retina which helps in not only examine the health of the eye but also monitor any possible changes over time.

Visual fields are measured using Humphrey’s Visual Field Analyzer, and intra ocular pressure with Goldmann Tonometer.

At the end of the examination a full explanation of the results will be given. Should you required spectacles you will be handed over to Rav who will advise you on the best ophthalmic lenses and spectacles suitable to you and your individual prescription.

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